Friday, April 15, 2011

The Roof

The engineers who put together our plans came down to inspect the roof to see if it could support the chiller.   We were able to get a set of plans of the roof construction from the owner, which help out a lot, but it took them some time to find the specifications on the materials that were used because of the age of the building.  

After some number crunching, it turns out that the engineers did not think it would be a good idea to put that much additional weight on this roof.  Granted the chiller weights about 2,000 pounds, but we were surprised with that conclusion.  Industrial buildings are generally designed and constructed to support roof top units of this nature.

It didn’t matter what we think, if the engineer won’t sign off then the town won’t approve the permit for the location so that’s the end of that.  On to plan C. We are down to either just putting it inside the brewery itself or finding a space outside that will not require a variance.  The downside to having it inside is that it generates a fair amount of heat and noise but if that’s the only solution that’s where we’ll have to put it.  We’ll have to talk to the town and see what we can work out. 

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