Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Construction Permits

The good news is that we got our construction permits.  We went down to the town this morning to try and sort out this chillier situation.  We decided that we would try and get approval for placing the chiller out back in our courtyard near our loading dock.  It would be out of the way of traffic, there are no parking spots or driving lanes to deal with and, again, there is an existing unit next to where we would like to put it so there is obviously space.   

The zoning officer said that he thinks it would be acceptable but we would need minor site plan approval.  We would not be required to go before the board or hire an attorney, just submit a plan with our proposed use.  It’s still not cheap, but its better than the alternative.  The downside is that the next meeting is in late May so we won’t know until then. 

Fortunately, the construction official decided that he could issue all our permits with the exception of the one that covers the installation of the chiller.  He was also kind enough to release our permits without the plans from our sprinkler contractor.  So we still have two outstanding items to deal with but at least we can get started turning the warehouse into a brewery. 

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