Friday, April 8, 2011

Floor Demolition

If you’ve never spent close to nine hours inside a warehouse listening to a jackhammer, concrete saw, and a hydraulic concrete breaker mounted to a Bobcat ripping apart a 900 square foot, six inch thick slab of concrete you just haven’t lived.  If you ever find yourself in this situation we recommend a heavy duty set of ear plugs, but it was exciting to see some progress finally being made.    

The team got here around eight in the morning and began by saw-cutting the perimeter of the floor that they were going to pull out.  They then went to work with a fairly small jackhammer to start breaking the floor apart.  About an hour into it they had only covered less than 50 square feet and we began to wonder if they were going to finish today.  

We guess they realized the same thing because one of the guys slipped out and came back with another Bobcat with a concrete breaker mounted to the front.  After that things really picked up.  They broke up the floor with the large breaker and used the other Bobcat to pick up the debris.  Around 5:00 PM they were finished. 

I felt bad for our neighbors who had to work through the terrible noise, but it seemed like most of the building had cleared out by 2:00 or 3:00 PM as a result.  At least it was only one day and now its finished.  They plan on coming back tomorrow morning to concrete the trench drain in place.   


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