Monday, April 11, 2011

Hop Farming

Last week we noticed that this year’s hops had started to come up so we decided we better get them to the brewery where we plan to grow them this year before they get too tall.  I know my wife was excited to get them out of our yard and I’m sure my neighbors will not miss the 10 foot (shorted from and original 14) trellis that goes up each spring.

This year we plan to put them out back in the courtyards between the two buildings on our site.  That location gets a good amount of light in the afternoon and we can run some rope up the exterior wall for support.  We still have two planters each of the four varieties we had last year, Cascade, Chinook, Columbus and Nugget. 
If things go well enough this year, we will try to find a place to put these in the ground and add some more of these and some new varieties.  We won’t have enough this year for more than a pilot batch, but maybe we can combine these with other fresh hops to make a full production batch.  Keep you posted. 

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