Thursday, April 14, 2011

Chiller Solution

We spoke to our landlord and decided to move the chiller to the roof.  It was a better location in the first place but my landlord didn’t really want me to put any equipment up there so I opted for outside the building.   Now that the outside is an issue we are back to the roof. 

We told the zoning official about the move to the roof.  He was fine with that and since there was no longer any zoning issues he signed off on our plans—as long as the chiller is not visible from the street. 

Now we can get our permits, right?  Not quite. In this situation a solution only creates another problem.  Now the construction department needs an analysis signed by a licensed engineer that the roof will support the extra weight.  Also I am told that our permits can not be released until the fire marshal has approved the changes he asked for and I am still waiting for our sprinkler contractor to submit his plans.   


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