Thursday, April 7, 2011

Demolition Permits

The town’s construction department issued us our demolition permit today!  Finally we can start construction.  As excited as we are, while we were standing there getting the permit and talking to them about the process we realized that we plan to run some electrical conduit under the new concrete slab and that the trench drain needs to be connected to the city sewer line before the new floor can be poured.

The demolition permit only covers the removal of the concrete floor.  The permit(s) that cover the plumbing, electrical and pouring of the new floor are attached to the other application that has not yet been approved.  We split the demolition permit since that would move through the system faster alone, but now we realized that once the floor is ripped up, we can't really do anything else until all the other permits are issued.  It’s going to be nice to get the floor removed, but we are going to be at another stand still until the rest of the other permits are issued. 

So what’s holding up the other permits?  We still need to get them the names of the contractors doing the steam, glycol, plumbing and electrical.  We’re working on getting those contractors lined up.  We’ve had a quite a few contractors stop by the brewery to look at the scope of the work, but we are still waiting to get the estimates back.  Once we have those names to the town, it’s up to them how long it takes to process the paper work.

We also forgot to mention that I heard from the fire marshal.  We need to add some sprinkler heads to the walk in cooler and move some other existing heads to new locations.  Not as bad as I had thought it would be, but that could change during inspection.         

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