Sunday, April 3, 2011

Pilot Brewing

One of the first things Clay did when he got started here was to pull together a pilot system.  Between the amount of home brewing equipment the two of us have amassed over the years, cobbling together a ten gallon pilot systems wasn’t too difficult.  Clay had a wooden frame he built years ago and we used old half barrel kegs for the hot liquor tank, mash tun and kettle.  We added a pump so it’s a fairly automated system—at least more automated then the way I used to home brew.  

At some point we plan to upgrade the frame to something less flammable, but for now we can use it to experiment with different recipes until the big system is up and running.  

We are trying to accurately recreate what we will be doing on the larger system with this because we plan to continue to use it once we’re open to develop new styles and recipes before they make it to the big system.  We also plan to keep the tasting room filled with experimental beers brewed on this system that may not make to the 20 barrel system.       

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