Sunday, May 1, 2011

Floor Prep

After having to unexpectedly dig up most of the sand where the concrete floor use to be to repair the electrical that was destroyed by the demolition team, we needed to back fill the holes now that the plumbing and electrical had passed inspection.  We were told that since most of the sand had been disturbed we would need to wet it and tamp it down with a mechanical compressor so we would have a solid base for the new pour. 

We also needed to excavate some of the sand in order to account for the slope on the new floor.  Since the drain was installed about two inches lower than the existing edge in order to create that slope we would need to remove a few inches of sand in order to get a full six inches of concrete on the new pour.  All this was supposed to be handled by the demolition team, but since that went so well the last time we decided to get a new crew to pour the concrete and since it was such short notice we did the prep work ourselves over the weekend.  It took about a day to remove the excess sand and then compact the base down but now the floor is ready for new concrete.

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