Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Concrete Floor

We were able to arrange for the inspector to come by around 11:00 am to sign-off on the installation of the wire mesh and rebar dowels that were used to strengthen the concrete.   This helped move the project along because if we could not coordinate with inspector on getting him here the same day as the installation the concrete team would have to come back after it was passed and that would add at least a few days and additional costs. 

With the structural supports set and all inspections passed we were set to start pouring the new floor by 11:30 AM—of course the concrete truck was delayed and did get here until close to 3:00 pm.  On a side note, the owner of the concrete company quoted me the price based on some plans we emailed him but when he came by to review the site before starting the work he realized that a concrete pump was going to be needed to move the concrete from the trucks, through our loading area and on to the area where the new floor was being poured.  It changed the price but it wasn’t really a big deal.  Since we are so knowledgeable about all things construction we assumed it was some kind of small pump to move concrete.  In reality the concrete pump is a truck is the size of a fire engine with a gigantic arm that can move concrete hundreds of feet.  Not really what we expected.   

Once concrete trucks arrived the team started pouring and working the concrete to get the correct slope on all four sides.  It took about five hours of screeding and troweling to get the concrete to set up in the proper slope.  

After that the owner stayed behind to continue to go over the floor with a power trowel every few hours as it cured.  Once it was fully set he needed to score the new the new floor in three places.  The reason they cut the floor is that as the concrete cures it will shrink which causes cracks.  With the cuts in place any cracks that might happen will hopefully form against the cuts and protect the floor.  We took off around 11:00 pm and from what he said the next day, he was here until around 3:00 am by the time the floor had cured enough to make the cuts.  

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