Saturday, May 14, 2011

Floor Covering

The urethane floor covering we decided to put in our brewing area was installed over the past three days.  It looks great and now we can finally get the equipment moved into place.  After watching their team install the product you can understand why it’s so incredible durable.  

Since the product is ¼ inch thick, the first thing they did was remove the top layer of the freshly poured concrete.  You might be wondering why we didn’t just pour the concrete a ¼ inch lower so we could skip this step in the first place.  We asked the same thing and were told that inevitably the concrete guys never get it right.  They said it works out better most times if you just pour the floor as designed then go back and remove the top layer.  They also needed to chisel out around the boarders and near the drain so the edges were not brittle.  So that was day one.  

The second day four guys mixed, dyed and hand troweled ¼ inch of this product over about 1,000 square feet of flooring.  The trick to this is following the gradual slope established by the concrete guys.  They also used the product to create a slope around the walls where we were unable to cut out the old concrete because we didn’t want to get to close to the roof support with the concrete saw and jack hammers.

Day three involved cutting in joints and filling in the seams and edges with some type of flexible sealant.  We were told to let it cure for about 24 hours before getting it wet and they recommended waiting about two days before putting heavy equipment like our tanks on it.  

The next day we hosed down the floor to see how well the water flowed to the drain and how slip resistant the floor was when it was wet.  They did a great job mirroring the slope of the concrete so the water didn’t pool and the surface was slip resistant but not so rough that we couldn’t get it clean.

Tomorrow we plan to get the shipping cradles off the tanks and move them into position on the new floor.    

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  1. Hey guys... a couple of years in now, any words of experience with the floor? Do you remember what you paid?