Saturday, October 22, 2011

Drift Line - Oatmeal Brown Ale

Our latest limited release beer was launched late this past week; Drift Line is an oatmeal brown ale .  The beer was designed using Vienna as the base malts to add a subtle toastiness you can't get from a more traditional two-row base malt.  We then added several crystal and chocolate malts to develop the flavor and color typical associate with American-style brown ales but added just enough toasted oats to create smoothness and body in the beer.  Drift Line finishes with a hint of sweetness but we used just enough hops to balance all the malt.  Finally we used our house ale yeast strain to create the dryness you've come to expect from our beers.  

Like our previous limited release, Single Fin, Drift Line was inspired by and created for the changing seasons and perfect for the the cool Autumn days here on the coast.  

Since we've been out sampling the beer and delivering kegs of Drift Line over the past few days, people always seem to ask what the name means--so here an official answer from the people at

There is no distinct line between a beach and dune because sand is always being exchanged between the two features. The drift line is the high point of material deposited by waves and could potentially be called the dividing line between the beach and the dunes. At the drift line, significant sand movement by wind can occur from storm waves when they reach far inland. In storm, conditions, however, the drift line can also move inland under the raging waves.

In other words, the drift line is a complex interplay between surf and sand, difficult to precisely define. Though there is no mistaking our Drift Line's brown ale roots, the addition of oats and Vienna malts add a recognizable twist to the style. 

Drift Line Summary:

Malt: German Vienna, Medium English Crystal, 
English Chocolate & Pale Chocolate, 
Hops: Magnum & Cascade
Yeast: English 
ABV: 5.8%
Color: 24 
IBUs: 32

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  1. Good luck guys, look forward to tying your beer.
    Are your beers at any Spirits stores in the Toms River area yet?