Wednesday, July 13, 2011

First Batch

After a couple years of planning and eleven months in our building we finally brewed our first batch of beer today.  The first beer we brewed was a Belgian-style Single that will be our summer seasonal.  

As we expected it was a marathon brew day as we got familiar with the new equipment.  The major slowdowns were a grain mill that got seized up as we were adjusting the speed of the mill and the auger system.  We had to unload some grain and start again which killed some time.

The other major delay was a very slow, three hour run off from the mash tun.  Once we got to the boil everything we pretty straight forward.   

Other than that it wasn't too bad for a first brew.  We mostly reach our expect volume and at the end of hit our original gravity for the beer so we were happy.  We plan to brew two more batches later this week.

We are still have some issues with our glycol system, but we think it still has some air in the system which should bleed out over time.  The tanks have no problem maintaining temperature between 40-70, we just can't get below 40 yet.  Once the air is flushed out of the system we believe it will work as designed.

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