Saturday, March 26, 2011

Final Comment on the Brewer's Notice

As we mentioned on our Facebook page a while ago, our application for the federal brewing license called a Brewer’s Notice, was approved in late February.  We know the date on the Facebook announcement was early March but we’re pretty busy trying to get open and doing our best to keep things current.  One of the purposes of the blog is to provide information to anyone who is currently going through the process of opening a brewery or is planning to do so in the future.  That’s why we wanted to add one final comment on the Brewer’s License process. 

We sent in our application on December 21, 2010 and were told that the current wait time at that point was 90 – 100 days.  We had our phone interview 43 days later on February 2, 2011.  The application was approved on February 23, 2011, making the total waiting period for our application 64 days. 

We were surprised it was so quick and tend to think we helped the process along by providing the TTB with all the information they requested upfront and as organized as possible, but the TTB does a great job with the application process considering the large and ever increasing  number of applications they have been receive over the past few years.  As we mentioned before if you have any questions contact a TTB analysts before submitting your application.  They were extremely helpful in answering any questions.  If anyone is in the process themselves feel free to contact us with questions.  Good luck.

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